Reasons To Choose Nationwide Retirement Plans

Do you know that Nationwide record-keeps many Nationwide retirement plans? This mutual insurance company provides service to more than 2.5 million participants. They not only manage but also administer over $141 billion only in retirement assets.

Reasons To Choose Nationwide Retirement Plans
Reasons To Choose Nationwide Retirement Plans

Nationwide Retirement Plans For Strong Foundation

Nationwide is a USA –based mutual insurance company. This insurance company has a stable and strong history of 90 years. As a mutual company, they do not have shareholders. It ensures that they keep their members and the communities in a high place. The best part of the company is, they think of their members as their greatest strength. So, the welfare of people inspires them in every step as well as all of their largest investment plans. Do you know that it has a diverse corporate portfolio as a Fortune 100 company? So, Nationwide retirement plans are a disciplined investment approach and focused on a long-term vision. The company can also navigate the economic ups and downs.

Ratings Of Financial Strength

Reasons To Choose Nationwide Retirement Plans
Reasons To Choose Nationwide Retirement Plans

The company has got an A+ rating from AM Best Company. Moody’s has given A1 to Nationwide’s financial strength. Standard & Poor’s rates A+. All these ratings reflect the financial strength of the company. It also reflects Nationwide’s claim paying ability. They don’t intend to show the investment experience of any variable account.

Nationwide Retirement: A Commitment To America

For Nationwide, community matters a lot. They not only prepare the workers to create a better life after retirement, every year. But they also give their time, money, and energy for the community.

1. Nationwide Foundation contributed $467 million, since 2000 to various nonprofit organizations of USA.

2. Nationwide Foundation contributed to the Children’s Hospital of Nationwide for its Pediatric Innovation Fund.

3. They have raised 3.3 million meals for the food banks of Feeding America in 2018.

4. In 2018, they have donated 15,000 units of blood to the American Red Cross as well as local blood banks. Nationwide associates helped with the blood donation.

5. Nationwide associates gave 124,467 hours into volunteering in 2018.

6. The company is committed to the United Way by their retirees, partners, and associates since 2003.

Reasons To Choose Nationwide Retirement Plans
Reasons To Choose Nationwide Retirement Plans

Your Nationwide Retirement Plan Needs

We completely understand that for you and all your employees, the retirement plans are very important. If you are new to implement a plan or want to upgrade your existing plan, there can be some concerns in various areas. As our research goes on Nationwide, here are some solutions we have found for you:

Features Of Retirement Plan

Every business or company must provide a retirement plan to their employees. However, the plans don’t need to be the same. An effective retirement plan for your employees should provide flexibility. That’s why the company finds out what are your goals first. After that builds the features matching with your objectives.

• More Than Just Mutual Funds

Nationwide was the first to introduce the idea of offering the “multiple funds” in the year 1982. And they got fund from the nation’s famous fund families in one customized package. It was just the beginning of multiple funding.

Various investment solution of the insurance company lets you assemble your plan according to your want. You can meet various investment needs of your employees quickly.

Nationwide Offers

1. Variety of investment options from various brands reputed, known brands.
2. Multiple options for fixed and stable valued plans.
3. Some well-researched third-party money-managers manage a selected set of mutual funds branded by Nationwide.

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