Retirement Letter: How To Write A Good One

After saving for years and planning, few fortunate employees can announce their retirement intention. It involves around writing a retirement letter to your employers or employees. The letter indicates your plans and the date on which you want to retire from your position. But writing your retirement letter can be very tricky as well as an emotional experience. But before writing the formal letter, you must ensure a few things:

Writing Retirement Letter To The Employer

1. Any Retirement Letter Benefits?

Before deciding when you are going to announce your retirement date, ensure that you are qualified to get all the benefits for retirement. Determine the number of pension payments that you are eligible to get. Make sure that have invested in a 401(k) plan. Also, plan when you will be signing up for Social Security. You must ensure that all the benefits you will take are secure and well handled. Research it well before start writing. You definitely don’t want to leave a job, without having any health insurance to back you. Check out if you now qualify for the retiree health benefits like Medicare or COBRA coverage.

2. Retirement Letter Or A Notice

Some companies or employers keep their older workers to train the successors or work as a mentor to younger employees before they exit from the company. However, there are other companies that can ask you to leave the company shortly after receiving your notice on your retirement plans. Sometimes, as you announce your retirement date, the company may not invite you for meetings related to future company projects and initiatives.

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It is better to keep it as a resignation letter which has nothing negative in it. Make the letter short and sweet. You definitely want to keep the letter simple and clean. Make sure you serve the notice period of the company instead of retiring early. It will create a chance for you to join as a contractor or a consultant for the company. If your letter doesn’t have any infuriating thing, then you have a clean slate.

3. Express Your Gratitude For The Company

You can express your thanks with a retirement letter for your company. If you are in a leadership position, it is a great way to show your gratitude for the employees and employers together. You can also add positive workplace experiences and some accomplishments into the letter. Praise the company and be upbeat about your team and boss. Don’t feel embarrassed, apologetic, or awkward about your retirement. Also, don’t feel to shower your pent-up resentment or arrogance as you are leaving the work world.

4. Keep One Door Open For Seasonal Work

If you want to shift to part-time work hours or come for occasional consulting, do mention about preferable work type you want to pursue. Let the company know on which role you would love to come on an occasional basis. If there are some jobs that draw interest to you, call out those parts if you want to join in that role. You must explicitly let your company know that you want to stay connected (only if you really want to). Your expertise can benefit both you and your company, so it is a win-win situation for both.

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