Social Security Calculator – A Money Makers Guide

social security calculator by age

You can also see if Social Security retirement benefits are a good investment choice for your future. If you do not know much about the social impact of Social Security, here is a brief explanation. First, the federal government takes all administrative steps necessary to keep the system operating smoothly; these include issuing licenses and keeping records.

The aim of Social Security is to guarantee people a basic level of economic security through taxation. The tax rates are based on income and other criteria. A baseline level is determined for the purposes of computing payments. However, this base does not take into account life changes that people experience throughout their lives.

Lifestyle Changes

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As you get older, the amount of money you earn decreases because you have to work longer to support yourself and your family. Your lifestyle changes as well. You eat less because you spend less time at home, and you drive more because it costs less to travel. There are also some financial changes that occur throughout your life. The calculator will not take these into account.

You can use this calculator to check how much your future retirement will be. This works by plugging in your birth date and life information. It then tells you what your monthly income will be after taxes, take your life information and plug it into the table it generates. It gives you the amount of money that you will receive as an adult based on how old you are now.

A Very Low Starting Balance

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When you are younger, the calculator will show a very low starting balance for your Social Security benefit. However, as you continue to work and gain more experience, your benefits increase. In particular, when you turn sixty-five you will qualify for a full retirement benefit. The calculator is also helpful to see what your potential life years are and if you need to continue working.

Once you turn seventy-five you will be eligible for Medicare supplement insurance. This insurance covers some of the major medical expenses you may still have as you continue to age. By this time you will have received some money from your Social Security payment for your life, so it is important to remember this. The supplement policy pays a percentage of these medical bills.

The Major Medical Insurance Coverage

At eighty (the end of your life expectancy), you may qualify for Medicare part A. Part A is the major medical insurance coverage and it pays a fixed amount for hospital stays, medical supplies, prescriptions and certain medical procedures. You can choose either to pay for this coverage all on your own, or to have dependents help pay for it.

After you turn ninety, the calculator will no longer work. If you are alive then you are considered retired. If not then you have a period in which you may want to think about retirement. This is because as you get older, your income is decreasing and you may not have enough saved up to make a decent pension. Some people actually wait until they are nearly seventy before they start thinking of retirement. If you wait until then, you may not be able to save enough at the beginning to provide for the cost of a decent pension.

A Completely Different Lifestyle

When you begin using the social security calculator to determine how much money you will have to work with for your retirement, the results can be shocking. You might be shocked when you find out just how much more you could have by saving ten percent of your income! In fact, you may even be surprised to find out that you can have a completely different lifestyle than what you are living right now.

By the time you reach the age of one, if you are alive, you should have already worked most of your adult life. If you did not work, then your total earnings should have covered your expenses. You should have a monthly income that is at least two hundred dollars, depending upon how much you earn from your job.

Final Words

The social security calculator can be a helpful tool to use in determining your financial future. You can enter information regarding your current age, whether you are a man or a woman, and how many years you want to live. All these factors will play a part in calculating how much money you will need to have available once you retire. Then, you simply divide that amount by the number of years you have chosen and see what comes up. If you do well by investing those years wisely, then you will be able to retire comfortably.

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