Us Vs Them: How the US Social Security Administration Cuts Us in the Back

us social security administration

The United States Social Security Administration is a government agency independent of the U.S government which administers Social Security, an extensive social insurance program designed to assist individuals and families with the costs associated with income and Social Security. The Social Security Administration (SSA) was established by the Social Security Act of 1965. The primary objective of the SSA is to administer the programs of the government and protect the rights of citizens. It is the largest integrated nationwide system for collecting and keeping statistics on the insurance of United States citizens. The mission of the SSA is “to assure the protection of America’s most vulnerable groups – the aged, disabled and impoverished – through the application of policies formulated to meet their needs.”

An Overview

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The United States Social Security Administration operates two main programs. The Old-Age and Survivor Benefit (OASB) and the Income Guaranteed Benefit (IGB) programs. Both are funded by general tax revenues. The OASB is administered by the Department of Labor and is the largest program of the US Social Security Administration.

The IGB program represents the largest portion of the entire Social Security budget. It provides disability and old age assistance to qualified persons who cannot support themselves or are unable to work because of a physical or mental impairment that could prevent them from working. Both of these programs are mandatory under the Social Security Act. The Social Security Disability Insurance Program (SSDI) offers disability benefits to the same individuals. However, SSDI programs are not welfare programs. They are designed to ensure that those who are most in need of assistance, receive it.

US Social Security Administration Facts

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Both of these programs are managed by the Federal Security Administration (FSA). There are three main programs administered by the FSA. They are the SSI Programs, the Medicaid Program, and the Social Security Supplement Plans. All three of these programs help insure the needs of those that cannot care for themselves and are dependent upon others for their means to survive. All of this is funded by taxes paid by US citizens.

The Social Security Administration administers the application process for both of these programs, but the actual decisions and determinations are made by an administrative law judge (ALJ). Once a decision is made, it is implemented and applies to all people who might have the potential ability to benefit from social security. The ALJs make these determinations in a fairly uniform manner, so that the benefits and deadlines will be the same for each of these programs.

One of the primary purposes of the Social Security program is to protect the financial security of the American people. This program was created so that people would not lose the opportunity to live the lifestyle that they want to live. When the ALJ makes a decision regarding the legality of a claim, the decision is binding on the people who are involved in the process. When a person is denied disability benefits based upon a determination that the person does not meet the requirements of the program, there is a right to appeal the denial in most instances.

Bottom Line

The Social Security Administration is not perfect, but they do take care of our safety. They do not have unlimited resources, but they are there to help you if you are ever placed in a situation where you may be in danger. It is not our fault that the SSA tries to limit our options in the way that they do. But, we must remember that they are a part of our system and have to do their job. As long as they are able to do this, our country will be safe.

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